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Title: Welcome to WOW Vision
Post by: wowadmin on November 08, 2011, 11:59:49 AM
Long before ‘convergence’ became a buzzword, WOW Vision had already started creating innovative convergent products. A company truly at the forefront of wireless audio visual solutions for the boardroom, classroom or any collaborative space, the VEOS solution has revolutionised how presentations are made by creating one box solution which not only allows multiple participants to present wirelessly from their laptop to the same display but also combines the function of a matrix switcher, resolution scaler and touch panel into one device. WOW Vision offer a full range of digital signage, capturing and streaming and interactive products which are designed to be easy to use, cost effective and packed with innovative features. Whether you are looking for a solution for the classroom, boardroom, retail or house of worship – choose WOW Vision for unbeatable technology at affordable prices.