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Title: Setup Auto On Timer in VEOS Gateways
Post by: wowadmin on February 20, 2012, 12:55:27 PM

Here we are demonstrating the auto on timer for VEOS Gateways.

Before going ahead for the same, please be prepared with a keyboard attached to VEOS Unit.

Switch on the VEOS Gateway and as soon it starts showing WOW Logo / Bios Logo then press Del key. It will open the Main menu of BIOS, use the right arrow key on keyboard to go to Power option on menu.

Then use down arrow key to go to “Resume By RTC Alarm”.

Possibly it is disabled, Press enter key and use down arrow to choose enable and press enter key to save.

Now you will see the option to put RTC Alarm Time use down arrow to reach there put the time of your choice. To navigate between Hours, minutes and seconds press enter key.

Here we are using 07:00:00, System will start every day at 7 am automatically.

Now use right arrow key to go to Exit menu on top and choose Save Changes and Exit.

System will reboot now and at 7 am next day will start automatically.

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