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Band Width usage for Collab8
« on: October 30, 2013, 02:28:54 PM »
If the Wi Fi within the room is connected via a managed switch to the Collab8, does this mean that there will not be any bandwidth issues with rest of the network?

As such Collab8 does not use constant bandwidth but has specially bandwidth usage pattern and that is based on content transfer. If a user is doing presentation using Display Me feature then the amount of data is transferred is just changes in ppt and once those are transferred no further data is sent but if a media is there inside that ppt then a variable bitrate is used based on size of media. But as soon media comes to pause stat or stop stat then again no usage of bandwidth.

So we can safely say that with a managed switch in each room with a Wi Fi and Collab8 unit will be good.

But one more factor is also dependent not for Collab8 but for normal applications like email, web surfing, chats etc. in an institute where student uses a lot of network apps and some time require much higher network then collab8 itself.

So point here is Wi-Fi routers have limitations of number of users to cater so we recommend to have one router per 30 users. So that Wi-Fi is not overloaded with x number of participants and go off or slow in response